Saturday, April 7, 2012


I see my last post was almost a week ago. It has been draining here, for the last couple of weeks, to be dealing with this bug. Shortly after the last post, Elizabeth got it, then Jerusha got it Tuesday, then I came down with it Thursday. It was BAD. I ended up passing out in the bathroom at one point. Everyone seems back to normal but me, and I am on the mend. I'm dealing with the aftermath of having no energy, and today my equilibrium, or lack thereof, is making it impossible to do much, but at least I'm hopeful that we will all make it to church tomorrow. It will be the first time in three weeks! And, I am cautiously hopeful that I was the last victim of the bug and that it has run it's course and things will get back to normal.

So, there is my feeble update. I hope you are all keeping healthy!

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