Monday, October 17, 2011

Stuff and Nonesense

Happy Monday everyone!

We finished out last week with a very busy day Friday finishing up canning applesauce, cleaning, and catching up on some laundry. The children were quite motivated because I told them if we could do all that, then Saturday could be a designated "pajama day". In other words, it was a Kick-Around-Be-Lazy type of day. The weather was perfect for it... rainy, gray, blah. You'd think that with nothing but the bare minimum to do the day would drag, but seriously, it went so fast! There is never enough time to do all the "nothing" you want! We really needed a day to just take it slow, and I for one, really appreciated it!

Sunday was our regular schedule with church services, and a relaxing afternoon. I had thought to go for a bike ride or walk after dinner, as the sun was out nicely in the morning. However, by the time dinner was over, it had clouded over, was getting darker by the second, so I opted to read and nap. Ambitious, aren't I?

We are off and running this morning and I almost feel at a loss without the usual thought process of "okay... time to make the applesauce" reverberating through my brain. Mondays are my organizing days, so it is plenty busy for sure! The sun IS out today, so I'll take the kids all out later for some outdoor activities and call it P.E..

I have been knitting and sewing whenever I can and I have finished a few projects. Unfortunately our camera woes haven't been resolved yet. Some things I can share, and some I can't, as they are for a certain holiday approaching faster than I can realize. Ahem.

I hope you are all taking time to enjoy this wonderful autumn season. Our leaves are about 90% gone now. I can't believe how fast the foliage has changed and fallen! Dale cleaned the chimney last weekend (he was the only one with any ambition) and we are all set to start the woodstove whenever we want.

There is the quick update from the Beehive. Have a wonderful day!


Mr. G's Mrs. G said...

Lovely lazy days. :)

...they call me mommy... said...

Great update, Lisa!

Btw, you are just TOO good for me in Scrabble, woman. I suppose I should keep playing you in the hopes that some of your genius will rub off on me...I have two mommy friends who are very good, I should make them play you and get you back for me! ;) LOL! :D

Sorry about the camera...I would be SAD ;) without mine!