Thursday, October 20, 2011


*WARNING* ~ The following contains a frustrated rant.

I HATE HATE HATE the new Yahoo upgrade or whatever you call it. I certainly don't think it was an upgrade.

Heretofore, I have blithely used my Yahoo bookmarks without incident from Google Chrome. I love Chrome. It works well on our computers, unlike Internet Explorer, which is slow, and tends to lock our main PC up. Oh, and my laptop doesn't seem to care for it either, though it does better than the PC. I don't think Vista and IE get along that great, so we decided a while ago to just use Chrome which was faster anyway.

NOW.... Yahoo has supposedly "upgraded" or something. Now I HAVE to use IE 9 (not an old version of course!) to be able to access all my bookmarks. Basically, from what I can read between the lines, Yahoo is now in cahoots with Internet Explorer, and are holding every one's bookmarks hostage. Nothing like a little Internet extortion to start out the day with bang.

Let me say that again, you HAVE to go through IE9. Chrome just says you have to download to IE 9. Then you have to use it.

Well, as I said before, we haven't used the IE in a long time. I had to download an upgrade just to be ABLE TO download the "new and improved" upgrade. Then my puter of course had to restart... twice. Then it locked up. Then my mouse got broken, but nevermind about that.

So, now I am on the laptop. Thankfully, the IE on here is much newer, and the downloading process was easy. But I am still rather ticked off that I have to go IE 9 and too bad so sad for me if I don't want to.

I don't understand this. IE is free. Chrome is free. Yahoo is free. So why can I only access MY bookmarks through IE9? Seems stupid, narrow sighted, and reminiscent of some of IBM's problems years ago, and we all know how that ended up.

To the Yahoo people:


BTW... when I just typed this all out, and tried to post it, IE9 of course locked up. I had to close out IE9 and go to Chrome, to my blog, and repost this entry.

Seriously? This is an upgrade?



Lori said...

Try Pinterest-ing all your bookmarks. I've stopped bookmarking things and started using Pinterest, since I sometimes forget what the actual bookmark is for. You can pin a picture of the website/article/item
on a board and they will be at your fingertips on Pinterest. ~Just an idea.

Lisa said...


Thanks for the great suggestion. I will try it!

Winona said...

I so agree with you. I have hated the Yahoo upgrade from the beginning and still hate it. We use Firefox and so far I can still get to my bookmarks. If it wasn't such a pain, I would get a different email address from someone other than Yahoo!

Anonymous said...

That is annoying. I always feel that my laptop is just a little too smart for me. There always seems to be something that jams me up. ;P I hope you find a solution to your problem.