Thursday, September 1, 2011

Tying Up Loose Ends

Before we start school next week I wanted to take some time to finish up a few projects. Yesterday I finished culottes for Jerusha and I, Yay!

Mine look just like hers, only in my size. :P

I also finished this baby quilt. I had originally started it for a friend, then went with another quilt, and this one got put in the "to do later" pile. That was last March. So I finished it up today. Not sure what to do with it... maybe sell it? Anyone interested? Times like this I wish I had an Etsy shop!

Also FINALLY finished my Seaweed Cardigan! Here is the front and back. It is very comfortable and I'm glad it is done. I'm toying with making another one next spring.

I know I said the fleece bathrobes were "next" after the culottes but that baby quilt was on top of the bathrobe material and I just couldn't see putting off finishing it any longer. :) (Note: any excuse to quilt is acceptable!)

NOW the bathrobes are really next!

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lesann4 said...

Especially love the cardigan!!