Saturday, September 10, 2011

Pizza Pizza

We were sitting around the table eating pizza, and the conversation turned to the Mason-Dixon line. Don't ask how or why... you know how general chit chat can evolve. Esther then asked me why she couldn't see the Mason-Dixon line on the map. I decided that textbooks or no, it was time for a brief study on the history of the Mason-Dixon line.

While we can't see the Mason-Dixon line, I was surprised at what she could see.

"Hey look, Wisconsin and Finger Lakes look like an Indian Chief!" You have to understand that we have a large map of the United States on a wall. Wisconsin is yellow, for the record. Maybe something to do with cheese?

That wasn't all.

"And Mississippi looks like that chef on Ratatouille, the one who 'served time' and said ' I keeeled a man with my thumb.'"

Seriously. If you look at it like a profile, it does.

What was in that pizza anyway?

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lesann4@AOL.COM said...

Wish we were there to share with you all.....missing you lots and lots.