Friday, September 9, 2011

Day Two in the Flood Zone

This morning we woke up without any drama. The rushing sound of water was absent, and the power was on. It was still cloudy, but thankfully the predicted once again missed us. In fact, the sun came out this afternoon!

The pumps have been pumping the water out of the basement of the church for 28 hours. There is still around 5 inches. It should have been all pumped out by now, but the water table is so high that it is just seeping back in. At one point this afternoon Dale had to change out one of the pumps, and in the time it took to switch things around, the level went up almost an inch. With two pumps going, we are barely gaining any ground. I don't even want to think about how high the water would be had we not started pumping yesterday!

The pond in our back yard is shrinking rapidly, and when I went to the gym late this afternoon, there was no longer water on the road. The neighbors yard must be somewhat accessible, as I heard them moving gravel around to rebuild the driveway this afternoon.

Shrinking "pond" in our yard:

Same road as yesterday, but noticeably less water!

We had school today, though public school didn't. And I told the kids that if we aren't cleaning over at church tomorrow, we would do "Monday", so that when we can get in to start the cleaning up process, we can take a couple days off from school without technically missing a day. They weren't thrilled to learn that, but such is life.

Dale took more of a look around, wearing rubber waders for safety, and said it is really a mess. Stuff is everywhere. The furnace ( 3 days older than dirt on a good day ) will need either servicing or replacing. The dehumidifier may be shot. That, and the stove, will have to dry out completely, then we will see what is working and what is going in the trash pile. Oh, he just informed me that he also found a dead, floating mouse. Gross.

This has been an interesting first week of school, to say the least! Poor Isaac just couldn't take it anymore at dinner tonight.

Did you notice he fell asleep with his hand in his food, and the other clutching his fork?

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Mr. G's Mrs. G said...

Wow! It never ceases to amaze me the power of water to completely recarve the land. It certainly helps put things in to greater perspective. I cringed when I read your first post...was desperately hoping that your house wasn't going to be one that floated down river. So glad it wasn't!!! We'll certainly keep all of you in prayer for continued safety and wisdom in how to deal with clean up. ((((hugs)))) Disasters have a way of jolting us, don't they? From floods to fires, tornados,earth quakes, ER visits with kids who don't stop bleeding and a plethora of other things, it helps to keep our eyes on God through it all and know that we can lean on Him for all of our needs.