Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Last Pics of Vacation and Catching Up

First of all, I hope everyone in Irene's path is okay and up and running. Thank you to those who inquired about our well being... we are all fine, present and accounted for. Irene was basically and windy, rainy day here, and since then the weather has been gorgeous.

We've been home since August 21st, but I've been totally negligent of blogging!

While in Massachusetts, my mom took us to where she works, and we got a mini tour. The highlight was the Rec room. We had so much fun! It was a real novelty for us. A couple of the guys that my mom works with heard the grandkids were coming in and donated a TON of tokens to play the arcade games. Thank you so much for a great memory!

We had a safe trip home, and Monday started up with the usual routines. I also had some tomatoes from the garden to contend with. Benjamin and Dale are attending a Baptist history class at a nearby church Monday evenings, so I've switched our grocery and menu planning days to Tuesday.

We spent a few days decluttering and organizing for the new school term. The books are set up, ready to go. I have a few things to print up yet, but we'll be starting on September 6th. That is the latest we've ever started, but well worth the delay in my opinion! I wonder if I can credit all the hours boogie boarding and body surfing in the ocean as PE class?

I'm getting back into my exercise routines. I've joined the local gym so I can get some consistent strength training in. I'm doing circuit type workouts 3 times a week for strength training, with a 20 minute cardio interval at the end. The other days are just cardio. I've discovered a new love... the elliptical machine! What a fantastic work out, and so easy on the joints!

Our pool is still up, but not for long. The twins have a friend staying here for a few days and begged to use the pool. I told them enjoy it. Next week we are taking it down. The over night temperatures are dipping down into the 40's. Time to call it a day and move into Fall.

I've been trying to finish up culottes for Jerusha and I this week, and will be moving onto bathrobes for the kids. They picked out the fleece earlier this summer, but who wants to sew warm, fuzzy, fleece when it is 95 out? Now that it is cooling off and children get up and curl up in thick blankets in the living in the mornings because SOMEBODY refuses to shut windows (ahem) then you know it is time to get moving on those bathrobes. :P

I almost finished Elizabeth's socks. I was about 75% done, then for kicks and grins told her to try them on. Much to her, and my, dismay, she couldn't get it on over her heel. Where the fancy textured stitching starts on the leg tightened it up too much. In the end I frogged them out entirely and started over. I know now how to adapt the pattern so it will work. I'm almost to the gusset increases, about 5 inches up from the toes. I restarted them last Thursday, and hoping to get them done within the next few weeks.

My Seaweed Cardi has been picked up again, and all I have left is the seaming. I looked up the YouTube video on crocheting the seam, and it looks great! I'm definitely going to employ that method in this cardigan!

Because of all the sock drama, the Bella Blouse has been on hold. It may be for a while, I'm sorry to say. I have some Christmas knitting to get started on.

We are enjoying our last few days of Summer Break. All too soon they will be over!

Have a blessed day everyone!

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