Wednesday, June 29, 2011

A Little Something

Dale recently acquired a new cell phone. The old cell phone's case of course didn't fit at all. So, I took a break from my other knitting projects and made him a seamless cell phone sock. I casted on using a method from my "Two at a Time, Toe Up" sock book, and knitted in the round, using the Magic Loop method. It would have been done much quicker, but I actually had to restart 4 times. The first three were due things like getting a twist in the round (ugh) or not liking how it was going, then the last time because after knitting about 3 inches, I compared it to the cell phone and it was WAY too wide. I figured out from that how many stitches to cast on, visited the frog pond yet again, and was off and running.

I have been pushing to get the before mentioned charity quilt done, and am at the borders. Yay! There have been lots of interruptions such as potty training, gardening, pool time, and the delivery of our pig meat, freshly slaughtered and smoked, all 244 lbs. worth. I am also sporting a nasty sinus summer cold, compliments of my daughter, Elizabeth.

Thanks a lot, toots.


...they call me mommy... said...

Looks nice, Lisa! Does he just place this in his pocket???

Lisa said...

Yes, which one of the 13 yo twins likes to try to pick pocket. :P