Thursday, June 23, 2011

"Dusty Needles..." Post Correction

It was brought to my attention by a certain grandparent that the number of days we were away was actually 5, not "4 days and 4 nights".

We left around 11 am, on a Monday morning and got back around supper time on Friday. I say potato, you say pohtahtoh.

Anyway, let the record show we were gone 5 days.

See, I may not have given you "editorial privileges" but I DID pay attention to what you said.

(Insert Teenager-like eye roll here.)

1 comment:

The Savage said...

Pretty sure Dad is right. They were your stand-ins for parts of 5 days, therefore they get credit for all five days!! :-D After all, it's been a long time since he had teenagers!!! ;-P