Thursday, February 4, 2010

Jehovah Jireh!

It's been a while since I posted one of these "the Lord hath provided" posts, so here is one.

The offices on the second floor of where Dale works have been shut down, and they have been cleaning out the area. There have been lots of desks, chairs, all manner of office supplies that have been thrown out. Every week for the last few weeks they have said that everyone could "dumpster dive" before the disposal company came and got everything that was set out.

I have been wanted a new desk for sewing. The old wooden one I have is okay but it wiggles quite a bit when sewing. I was hoping for a good sturdy desk with LOTS of drawer space, but alas, everything was just plain too big for the allotted space. Oh well!

However, Dale did bring home some goodies. He got us new captains' chairs for the kitchen table. He also got a file cabinet with lock, and the key, believe it or not for church, and a paper shredder for church. He also got new hanging files for the aforesaid file cabinet.

Also, he replaced Benjamin's computer monitor and mouse.

We have so many books that some are kept in boxes still. I have always said if I had some book ends I can use some space on top of our few bookcases. In the below picture is a big stack of those metal bookends (Okay, really, I told Dale a FEW,not 87 million, but that is okay!) another mouse (for what I don't know LOL), and more files for church.

Speaking of books, he brought home this large book case. Even if I don't use it all for books, it is sturdy and very much appreciated for any storage we can use it for! I can't wait to start organizing downstairs again!

I have never seen door hangers as strong as these:

Here is a box of the type of folders we use for lap booking, albeit they are purple! That will just add a new color interest. :)

We were also blessed with some items from the food pantry. This turkey is at least 20 lbs. That was a major blessing! It's "funny"... we didn't get any venison this year, but we have gotten lots of free turkeys. Not those little ones either, the big honkin' ones (I know, turkeys don't honk, they gobble, just like my kids) that you need at Thanksgiving! We have also gotten several hams. One of the perks of being a country pastor is that though you don't get a big paycheck, the people seem very giving, even if it is just bringing us a box from the food pantry.

There were six of these cute little cookies, in honor of Superbowl Sunday I imagine.

Here is a pic with a bunch of the goods in the box. The red boxes in the back are all sunflower seeds. What a great snack! Also they are fantastic to put in home made bread. Sunflower seeds are really good for you, and highly unappreciated, in my opinion.

Not pictured were some soft rolls, some bagels (not too hard this week! Yay!), some old but usable oranges, and a package of Oreos.

The Lord does provide physically, but it is important the other things He provides. Protection, for example. I am happy (?) to report that the demise of the Jetta was greatly overstated. Come to find out, it wasn't even touched by the fire, and it is all in one piece, unharmed, except for still needing the original repairs. Hey mom, I got my lawn ornament back!

Another thing the Lord can provide is peace. A family in our community just lost their adult son in a battle against 12 brain tumors. His father is still in a battle with cancer. They are going through a very rough patch and our prayers go out to them. We pray for God's peace and uplifting in their time of grief.

Ironically, the quilt that I was working on this week as a rush job for the Fibers of Faith ministry was to be for the man that just died. I'm not sure why the Lord laid it on my heart to make that quilt. I've been working like crazy to get it done, it just wasn't possible to get it done in time. As I finish it up I will be praying for direction as to where it should go. Perhaps to the dad? For now I will concentrate on getting it done and then I can finish up my "Just Because" quilt.

Usually in February Dale gets a 4 week lay off. I know to most people that is something to cringe over, but for us it is a good thing. However, this year, nothing has been said yet, and we are wondering if it is even going to happen. Dale did say that things are really starting to slow down at work, so hopefully we'll still get a couple weeks with him home. My "Honey Do" list is getting long! Heheheh... just kidding.

Well, maybe. ;)


Melissa said...

Praise God, what a bunch of blessings for your family!!! I hope you share in the future as to where the quilt ends up. God knew it would not be finished in time, so there is going to be another family that will receive your blessing and I can't wait to hear how that comes about!!!

Chris said...

Praise the Lord! Thakks for sharing your many blessings! :)

...they call me mommy... said...

God is sooooooo faithful!

Love your "just because" beautiful! :)

4littleladybugs said...

Thanks for sharing..I love hearing about how God provides for his children. :) It puts a smile on my face.

I can't believe someone was getting rid of that book shelf. It looks brand new! I am so glad it went to a nice homeschool family instead of the dump.