Friday, February 12, 2010

Above the call of "Duty"

That is what I would say my children exhibited yesterday. We had all the regular chores and schoolwork to do, plus getting ready for a memorial service. The gentleman it was for was the most mild mannered people I have ever met. He made Dale look spirited. Those of you who know Dale can only imagine what Steve was like. Those of you who knew Steve Powell, know what I am talking about. Steve didn't say very much, but had a wonderful sense of humor. A very dry sense of humor. He never had a bad word to say about anyone or anything. He never worried about all those things that most people worry about. I'm sure he wasn't perfect, because no one but Jesus is, but he certainly was a lot closer than most people. He was greatly loved and respected, as witnessed by the 140 people that came to the church last night. Our tiny little church was packed almost to bursting. People were sitting like sardines from ON the platform in the front of the church all the way to the back of the foyer. It was a very simple service, but part of the service was to share stories about Steve, and that was wonderful, and ended up being quite humorous. It was an amazing memorial service. Yes, we'll miss Steve. He was one of a kind, that is for sure. I wish there were more like him out there. He was always helping someone cut wood, delivering food, giving rides to go shopping or doctor's appointments, etc. We are glad he is with the Lord, no longer suffering from his failing health, but what a wonderful godly example was lost to our generation!

Now, as a mama, I have to sing my children's praises. :)

My daughter Esther was on kitchen duty at home quite a bit yesterday. It wasn't planned, but just worked out that way. We knew there was going to be a ton of people at the Memorial service, so I filled my big crock pot with food, and was going to whip up a cake from a mix I had when Esther said:

"Mama, can I make something from scratch? I want to do something that takes more effort since it is for Mr. Powell's memorial."

I thought that was so sweet! She made cocoa fudge brownies (with me supervising while ironing) with walnuts. They were delicious. Now understand, before that, she had made breakfast, and made up a double batch of bread. She had already spent quite a bit of time in the kitchen. And she still had schoolwork to do. She wasn't concerned for herself, but wanted to do what she could.

Fast forward through the day and at church. I won't go chronologically through the evening, but the kids helped out by moving chairs into the foyer before we started service, and moved the chairs back down stairs after service for the meal time. Benjamin did some extra shovelling in a hurry for better access to the walkway. He also manned the video camera. The kids all sang a special (Steve always loved to hear them sing). They helped set up for the meal. They did dishes and wiping down, and helped in the general cleaning up AFTER it was all said and done. They were gophers, workers, movers, helpers, and did it all with a good attitude.

I can't help it, I was proud of them. They did a SUPER job. It is easy as a parent to focus on the negatives, because it is our job to train them. I tend to see what needs to be worked on, not what is already going well, if that makes sense. But when they "do good" they should be praised for that, too. There is nothing wrong with some positive reinforcement.

It ended up being a very late night last night, so I have let the children sleep in this morning. We will do a little bit of school work, but I am keeping it simple as possible. My good workers deserve a break, that is for sure!

So please excuse my tooting the kids' horn. I just have to say they went above and beyond their call of duty last night.


mom said...

As per usual, I am proud of ALL of you. You always rise to the occasion be it good or sad.

I love you ALL to the moon and back!!


Anonymous said...

wow! Praising the Lord with you Lisa over the HUGE blessing that your little (or not so little) blessings were to you and your church family yesterday! Tell them we said, "Great Job!"

THey made this Momma's heart swell,knowing what a blessing they were with their cheerful, sweet spirits!


...they call me mommy... said...

What a blessing, Lisa! Praise the Lord for hard-working, servant-hearted (is that a word?) kids! :)
Sounds like such a neat day honoring/remembering your friend!