Thursday, March 28, 2013

Product Review: Culottes

First off, I want to say that I recently found a new (well, new to me) site for culottes and skirts.  The girls and I really needed some new culottes, and with my time constraints, I thought that having them custom made would be a good idea.

The site is... 1611 Skirts.  Obviously, they also have culottes.  For the price of their denim, and the fact they are CUSTOM made, you can't go wrong.

I took all our measurements (all four of us gals) and sent them in.  Now, sometimes when you do this, what you get in return isn't what you measured.  I don't know if they assume I've made a mistake, especially with Esther's measurements (she is SO tall and lanky, hard to believe her measurements!) and feel at liberty to modify what I tell them.  So annoying.  I have had many times when the length wasn't right, or I had to rip out the back closure of an elasticized waist and tighten it up.  Annoying, as I already said, and feel compelled to repeat, as I just PAID for a custom made item.

Not so with this little company.  Not only did we get properly fitting culottes (actually perfectly fitted, much to my surprise), but the denim is good quality, AND we got all four pairs in the mail long before I thought they would arrive.  I hate to admit it, as a long time seamstress, I have to say, they did at least as good a job as I would have done, if not better (they serged the seams.  I don't have a serger, so they get the points for extra neat work! LOL).

I am SO pleased with 1611 Skirts that I may never make another pair of culottes, and just send the order to them.  I was THAT happy with the service.  The girls and I have been wearing our culottes several times a week, and they are wearing like iron.  I highly recommend purchasing from 1611 Skirts.

I keep forgetting to get a pic of the girls in their new culottes, but I finally corralled them the other morning.  Now, when we received the culottes, they weren't wrinkled and they had that nice brand new smell that fabric has before the first washing.  Anyway, here are my happy girls!  (Excuse the leggings under the culottes.  Apparently they were cold.  Why they didn't put on longer sleeve shirts I don't know.  Go figure.)

Have a wonderful day!

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