Thursday, February 12, 2009

What is a Mama to Do?

As I look around the house I see many things that in my eyes, need to be tended to. Such as.. going through the childrens toys. And going through their clothes. And cleaning up the computer area. And doing some decluttering downstairs. Let's face it, the chore list never ends.

Instead, here is some of what we have been up to. The deep cleaning, and decluttering isn't getting done yet, but what is a Mama to do?

At least the basics are pretty much getting done. My more intensive "to do" list can wait for now. We also have our Missions conference coming up, April 8 -12. That sounds like a long way off, but the missionary family we are having in isn't musical at all, so we are going to have to do all the music ourselves this year. I have a little list of what we are working on, and ideas for specials and offeratories. We are already revving up the music practice time everyday.

Other than that, here is some of what we have been doing:

Who can resist this? There is no way you can convince me (or Dale for that matter) that doing anything else is time better spent. When the opportunity for a good snuggle fest arises, what is a Mama to do?

Or the opportunity presents itself to just enjoy the baby interacting, what is a Mama to do?

Of course, all that "cuteness" wears a body out, and when the baby falls asleep, what is a Mama to do?

Then he wakes up for a diaper change, and looks just soooo cute, what is a Mama to do?

The girls' hair is nice and long, and we had some extra time to experiment with some braiding, so what is a Mama to Do?

Caleb took the initiative and wanted to make a clock to help with learning to tell time, so what is a Mama to do?

The girls are interested in learning cross stitch, and need my help. What is a Mama to do?

Dh agrees that this book would be good to read through with the twins, and I decide that having a regular weekly "tea time" would be a good time to read it together. So what is a Mama to do?

So many things to do, and so little time. Some "duties" just natuarally take priority over others, and some of the mundane tasks get left behind. So, what is a Mama to do? :)

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