Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Family Fun!

We don't usually have a family fun night in the middle of a school week, but with Dale on lay off for the month we wanted to get together with another family for an evening of games. This family is the same one we trade off piano lessons for math tutoring. The dh, Art, is a pastor at a like minded church not far from us. Anyway, he works a second job, and has Monday and Tuesdays off from work right now. The timing has never really been right, but this week it worked out because of Dale being off from work and also their kids were in winter break and didn't have school. So, of course, with any good Baptist get together, you have to have food. We made a ton of pizza, and this is what was LEFTOVER. There was about twice as much to begin with. We had cheese pizza, veggie pizza, and a meat lovers type of pizza. Amy brought her wonderful brownies. They are huge, and moist and gooey, and she put peanut butter chips in them. So delicious! Oh yeah, we had a huge salad too, just to get something healthy in there.

Here is the leftover pizza, combined so as not to take up so much room:

It never ceases to amaze me how a baby can sleep through all the commotion of a group of kids tearing about and games going on.

Here are some shots of the group, and one with Isaac awake.

Oh, I forgot to mention, Art doesn't usually look like that, but he was being a wise guy and making a face on the camera. Just for that, I wanted to be sure to point it out on. Pffft.

On a side note, we weighed Isaac last weekend and he is now up to about 14 lbs. He is really chunking out. I have my 8 week post partum check up on Friday. I can't believe it has been 8 weeks already! I am getting my stamina back, or whatever the sleep deprived version of that is. I even started walking again on the nice days. Today is blustery, so I will try and log some time on the stationary bike instead of walking.

Isaac hates to go to sleep. He hates to "miss" anything. It makes me laugh to watch him trying to fight off gravity as it pulls at his eyelids. He goes through this cry cry cry.. then calms down. He starts to be very still, but still has his eyes open and trying to take everything in. Then slowly, the eyes start closing more, till they are at half mast. He wiggle wiggle wiggles in effort to stay alert. Then his eyes are in a tiny little slit, and he is still fighting it. You can see his little eyes rolling up in his head, but he still fights it. Sometimes he cries more, sometimes not. Then finally his lids shut, but he does this raising eyebrow type thing, even though his eyes are closed. As if he is STILL trying to pry them open. If he spent as much time just allowing the sleep to take over and actually nap, he would get a lot more rest. And so would Dale and I! LOL. That's okay.

He is interacting more with us in general. Coo'ing, and smiles, and looking around very alert. He does the vocalizing that is just soooo adorable! He is still a continual distraction, and Dale and I are terrible at sharing him. In fact, we often engage in selfish debate over who gets to hold him. The children get turns from time to time, but I have to admit that I like to keep him close to me at this point.

Have a blessed day!

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