Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Let Them Eat Cake! And Horsing Around...

For the past few years, I have been making cakes to donate to God's Adventure Camp.  Our family has been involved with the camp for a while.  We've helped with about every aspect.   For Boys' Adventure Week and Girls' Adventure Weeks, I make novelty cakes.

This week is Boys' week, and I made a campfire cake.

Esther also helped last week with Horse Week.  This was her first year as a counselor.  But that didn't stop her from participating in the trick riding.  

Death Drag: (She can practically touch the ground!  Oh, those long limbs!  So jealous!)

This is a video (hopefully I have it set up to work)  of her doing a scissors kick.  Oiy.  It takes a lot of tooomph.  Note:  you will need to use Adobe Flash Player for the video to work.  

I am in full swing of "Senioritis" here.  I am projected to graduate next Spring and am very excited about that.  Thankfully this week is a very light week for my school work, so I have been working on some quilting, general cleaning, and yes... still working on Dale's office.   I haven't forgotten that!

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