Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Sprocket Quilt Block

I have been fooling around with some EPP for a while.  This block is one I have only worked on about once every blue moon... in other words :  Not very often.  I enjoy it, but life is full with so many other projects that have deadlines that this one gets shoved aside frequently.  I am using the kit I posted about here.   My, that seems like a LONG time ago when I made it up!  So much water under the bridge since then.  Some happy, some heartbreaking.

But I digress.

This is called a Sprocket, and I am following the directions from A Few Scraps: Sprocket Quilt Along.   She did this about four years ago, but the directions are excellent, and she has lots of great tips.  If you are doing EPP for the first time, try her tutorial in the link above.   The directions for the sewing kit I made are on the same page with a hot link.  So much goodness in one spot!

Here is my first completed block:

Close up of the points and "y" seams.  Talk about accuracy!  That is due to the EPP technique, not my skill, believe me!

I continue to work on this every so often, but right now I am finishing a baby/toddler quilt (it grew while I was designing it!  Worse than a lasagna!)  and working on some WIP's that are LONG overdo for finishing up.

Happy Quilting!

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