Friday, November 13, 2015

Why I Enjoy Home Schooling... warning: Picture Heavy!

There are several philosophical reasons, but some of the simpler ones are:

Playing Uno and/or Scrabble and counting it as Math and English

PJ day!  ( I need to plan one soon I think)

A leisurely first cup of coffee during Bible reading

FLEXIBILITY  (this one is HUGE for me)... I can arrange our schedule as I see fit.  For example, Co-op and Art lessons have been part of our schooling this time around.  

Family Field Trips... like this one to the Corning Glass Museum and the Rockwell Museum

Being home to do things that I was missing while working such as making bread and laundry detergent (I know, I like that stuff... I can't help it, I'm weird!

Another thing I love about home schooling is picking out curriculum.  I'm like a kid in a candy store!
We are using "Romans: A Courtroom Drama" by Thomas Westwood for our morning devotions.  I picked this because it goes hand in hand with what the teenagers are studying for Quiz Team in the Spring.  Quiz Team is a competition in the Talents For Christ activity that we do each year.  This year the Scripture is Romans 1-8.  This book will give us a good background on the verses they are studying.   

Also for devotions we are doing "A Heart of Humility"  which is a study on Philippians chapter 2.  I bought the materials from  Intoxicated on Life.

In the picture to the right is a mere smattering of some of what we are doing this year in home school.  There is a lot with 6 students.  This little pile was one I had with me to check over while the kids were in art class.

Another fun thing we are doing for the month of November is "30 Days of Thankfulness".  I have one of the children each day pick a card I made up out of a container, and it has something to be thankful for.  We hang it on the kitchen wall, and we make sure we thank God for that during the day. There are also some blank cards so if anyone wants to write their own, they can. I got it for free from Currclick.
Besides Co-op, which we added into the schedule this year, is art class.  Now I haven't been clever enough to get any pics of the kids at Co-op yet.  I'll do that soon.  We meet every other week, and all the kids seem to be enjoying it.  I'm not teaching anything this semester, but will be after Christmas.  Don't ask me what... I haven't figured that one out yet!

Esther chose not to do art class, so she, Isaac, myself, and a good friend and her youngest who is seven, goes to the McDonald's nearby to hang out.  I got Esther here working whatever it was she had.  I think she was saying something like, "Mom, what ARE you doing????"

Maybe the management doesn't mind, but I always feel as if I need to buy a little something to warrant taking up some space for customers.  I usually get coffee or hot cocoa.  Isaac is enjoying something overly sweet and delicious here.  :)

Of course, I have to include some pics of the budding artists!

On Labor Day we went to the Pennsylvania Grand Canyon.  It was a gorgeous day, and we went with some good friends of ours.  What a fun day that was!  After the hike down to the bottom we played in  the water for a bit, then hiked back up for lunch.  Everyone was starving!

Usually after our art lessons we stop at the Library.  Our library uses the receipt system.  You see here it also serves as a list for me to check when we are packing up the Library bag.  I can make sure we have everything.  I check off the books as I put them in the bag, and whatever isn't there I circle with my super-powered red pen, and tell the kids to go find the books.  

One of the aspects of home schooling is that we can get outside (I have a whole different set of pictures for that!  That will have to be another post.  Honestly, I keep thinking I need to Vlog, and just do some DITL type videos!)  I think Isaac found this dandelion, the very last one in our yard, as far as I could tell.  I know it sounds simple and silly, but I'm so thankful we can literally stop and smell the roses, er, or blow on the last dandelion fluff as it were, instead of being trapped inside and then to much in a hurry and scurry after coming home from school each day to be able to enjoy the simple pleasures of God's creation.

(Okay, that was a MAJOR run-on sentence. )

I love all the fun times, but the kids know that you don't mess with Mama when there is work to be done!


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