Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Sew Much Fun!

I've decided to do a quickie post on some of my "recent" projects.  The word "recent" is relative, as some of these span back to graduation time!  I *think* they are all since the May post earlier this year.  If any are repeats, forgive me!  Also included are some bragging rights as Mom from the county Fair this year.

This is a quilt I made for a friend's daughter who graduated this past May.  She loves owls, and though the panel was a little whimsical, I think she still liked it.

Here is a close up of some of the FMQ I did.

Another close up... if you quilt you'll appreciate the fun I had with this quilt!  

Here's another quilt for another friend's daughter who also graduated.  Guess what she likes? (And no, the answer isn't "snow")

Close up of some of the quilting

After we moved, I set up my new sewing area.  I am using a big folding table, which is a little unstable.  It jiggles a bit which can mess up the tension in the machine, so I try not to go full speed which triggers all the said jiggling.  Anyway, I wanted a small ironing area for when I was working on piecing a quilt.  That way I don't have to haul out the ironing board for the small stuff.  I found this at Walmart's, and figured I would give it a try.  it is supposed to go on top of your dryer, but it works fine on a table.

Here I am trying it out.  Works pretty well!  It is on  my left side thought, and I am right handed.  Nice thing is that my chair rolls, so it really isn't a big deal to get myself positioned.  I have my cutting mat and design wall to the right of the machine.  For some reason I haven't taken any pictures of my new sewing area since I got it set up.  I'll have to do that in a future post.  

Oh, my new baby!  It is a Juki.  The throat is extra big for lots of machine quilting.  It works like a dream!  LOVE love love love it!

After we moved I made a new toothbrush holder for the family.  The old one was getting pretty ragged.

Of course we had lots of entries in the county Fair this year!  Below is Caleb's pillowcase.

Esther's entry here is a tailored outfit.  She did a fabulous job on it!  It is lined and everything. 

Jerusha made this skirt for herself. 

Knitted boot socks I made and entered at the last minute.  

This is a twirly skirt I made for Jerusha, but it earned second place.  

These two blouses were made by Esther (left, red ribbon which is second place) and Elizabeth.  The funny thing is that Elizabeth wasn't even going to enter her blouse.  She didn't like how it came out at all and said it probably wouldn't even place.  I convinced her to enter it anyway and she got first place!

Okay... another amusing story behind this.  About two weeks after we moved we had a missionary family come and stay with us for a few days.  They loved my toothbrush holder and asked if I could make another one just like it for their large family.  I did, but entered it into the Fair before I shipped it off.  So, Shellee W., you have a prize-winning toothbrush holder!

Jerusha discovered that she likes to latch hook, and did this little project.  She is currently working on a much bigger project.  

Jerusha made this apron for me in sewing class.  She earned second place for it.

These culottes were made for Esther.  For such a simple, easy pattern, I earned first place.  Not sure how that happened, other than the judges may have been judging home brews before they went to the crafts building. 

Elizabeth made this skirt for herself, and it is lined.

I am a big Lego's fan, and we had some entries that did well this year.  This is Caleb's creations.  Notice the huge ship in the background.  He made that too... it is part of the whole piece.  It is a depiction of the fairgrounds with the rides and booths.

Jerusha did a similar scene (the theme this year was harvesting fun or something like that).  Rides, food booths, lots of good times!

This is a quilt for a young couple that I met working at camp who were married this year.  Congratulations to Lance and Elaine!

Yup... more quilting detail.  Just have to show that!

Okay, that is enough to show that we have been keeping busy.  As if home schooling, Dale pastoring, working a second job, and working on his Masters, and me being in college as well, and Esther and Elizabeth taking dual enrollment, and art lessons, and Co-op wasn't busy enough.  Oh, did I mention I'm doing NaNoWriMo this year too?  



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