Sunday, June 16, 2013

Preparing For Another Week!

First of all, Happy Father's Day!

We've been all over the place this week, it seems to me!  At the beginning of the week we had Horse Day Camp, which was already posted about.  On Wednesday, Benjamin was off for Wilderness Camp.  They hiked up a river here, around 21 miles in all, then on Saturday canoed for about 6 hours back towards camp.  Benjamin had a wonderful time, and got a sunburn to prove it.  I think he is recovered now, after a good night's sleep at home in his own bed.

Meanwhile, the rest of us took off for New York to visit my mother-in-law.  My brother-in-law and his family were there, from Virginia.  We only see them about once a year, and we knew if we didn't get up there, we would miss this year, and have to wait until next summer.  We left after Prayer Meeting Wednesday night, and got in around midnight.  The trip was uneventful, despite some deer along the road, but thankfully not darting out in front of us.

We were planning on visiting the Thousand Islands on Thursday, in which case you'd see some pics right about here.  However, a major storm blew in, dumped several inches of rain and then blew out later in the afternoon.

No matter, as the kids took care of the entertainment!  They prepared a couple of skits.   I started while we were waiting for the performance to begin by taking some snap shots of Josiah.  You can sort of get the gist of what was going on by the expressions on his face.  Silly boy!

While we waited, we were provided with some refreshments.  This was a first class production!

This is my niece, Rachel.  She was just coming in to get things started.

Part of the skit..... sorry, no video or sound.  It was about a lazy mayor.  They wrote it themselves. :)

The cast, minus Ryan who bugged out when he learned they were actually doing this in front of us adults, and  though Isaac, the ham bone was in the picture, he did NOT take part of the play.  He is just a camera hog.  

Friday was bright and warm.  A perfect day for working in the garden.  Darrell, Dale's younger brother, was using the old cultivator to get up some weeds.  See Isaac at the bottom right corner watching?

Notice: Elizabeth watching.

And here are Deb, Dale's younger sister (who came over with her two little girls Friday morning) and Darrell's wife, Lori, watching.  Nice of us to all stand around and watch him work, eh?

After lunch on Friday, we went to the Carousel Mall in Syracuse to meet  up with some friends, Of course we had to ride the carousel!  (Twice, for us kids.  Ahem.)

BTW.. the girl in the green and black is Beka, a good friend of the twins'.  She is going to Girls' Adventure Camp with the girls, the first week of July.  

Beka, years ago started to learn the harp, but her interest faded, and it has just sat in the house for a couple years.  They are moving to Florida this summer, and thus downsizing.  When my friend, Amy asked if I wanted her harp, I was happy to take it off her hands.  I've wanted to learn how to play for a while.  Now I have to figure out how to tune it, play it, take care of it!  Thank the Lord for YouTube!

The Finger Lakes area has many Mennonite and Amish families farming there.  We see them frequently, and I finally decided to take a picture.  I know they travel the roads all the time, but I would be nervous with the trucks and cars whizzing by at 60 m.p.h.!

We've had a busy-ish day, today.  We had services, then a Fellowship dinner, then the afternoon service.  I've been doing laundry since we got home Saturday, and making a new pair of culottes for myself for next week.  When we got home from church, I was whooped, and took a nap, despite it being late in the afternoon.  After, we gave Dale his Father's day cards, and his gift. 

From what I can tell this is called a Gentleman's Chair.

You can hang a freshly pressed pair of slacks or a couple of dress shirts off the back.

The seat has storage.  As you can see there is shoe shining supplies in it now.

I think Dale was pleased with it! I found it at a yard sale about a month ago.  It wasn't easy to hide it all this time!

The rest of the afternoon I have spent sewing.  I finished my culottes for camp, and made this little project carrier.  I made it from THIS tutorial.  

the Altoids tin is perfect for putting storing some sewing supplies.

This will be great for hand sewing projects like the Grandmother's Flower Garden I am working on, or the Sprocket Quilt Along (from the same site as the tutorial) that I hope to start this summer.  I have the fabric and the paper pieces all set to use, just have to have the time to start cutting out.

That is it for now!  Esther, Elizabeth and I are packing our bags again.  We have to be back up to camp by 3 tomorrow afternoon.  They are helping in the kitchen, and I'll be counselling.  It's Teen Girls' Horse camp until Friday.  Looks like it is back in the saddle... all week!  I hope my hips can take it! LOL

Have a blessed evening!

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