Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Yarn Along

I finished Isaac's vest and both books from last time I posted... yay!  Here is a UFO I'm working on with a couple of books I'm into right now.  What is pictured is a partial sleeve to a sweater for me.  I work on it off and on when I'm not pressured to finish something for someone else.  Those who are knitters know that means that I hardly ever work on it!  I'm reading Edgar Sawtelle for fun, and the Movie History for a college class I'm in this term.



Regina said...

What class(es) are you taking this semester?

Duane and Shellee said...

Really enjoying the blog Lisa!! Blessings to you from back in Japan!

Lisa said...

I am taking and IT class (blech) and History of Film (yay!). Loving latter, no so excited about the former. Last term was my favorite so far. I had Shakespeare, and Fiction Writing Workshop. That was an awesome term!


Lisa said...


Glad to have you reading it! Makes it worth my while when someone is enjoying my ramblings. :) How was your LONG trip back to Japan? Hope you are all settling in well.