Thursday, October 29, 2015

Baking Fun

If anyone saw the posts from last May, they would see a couple of cakes I made in honor the twins' and Benjamin's birthday.  If you missed those and don't want to hunt for them, you can find them here .

During the summer, after the hustle and bustle of moving and unpacking, I made a couple of cakes for the Christian camp that is near here called God's Adventure Camp.  The last two years I devoted my summers to volunteering there, and this year, with the change in Dale's ministry and second job schedule, it just wasn't possible.

The first week was Boys' Adventure week.  It is a scene that includes the 250 foot water slide that has provided hours and hours of fun and thrill.  Obviously, I didn't make the slide 250 feet on the cake.  It was a big cake, but not THAT big!

This next one was for Girls' Adventure week.  I had planned out the design for these cakes a couple of weeks before camp started.  During Boys' camp week there was an "incident" during the canoeing time.  I guess it was due to the river being a little more ambitious than normal, which resulted in several of the boys ditching their canoes.  Benjamin, who was counseling that week, managed to find himself in a tree at one point, and his canoe long gone.  Thankfully, during Girls' week, the canoe trip was uneventful and pleasant. 

Josiah turned 15 on October 3rd.  Can you tell what he is into these days?

I made these cupcakes to bring for a fellowship time after the school play.  They are supposed to be Tragedy/Comedy drama masks.

Hope all that didn't overload your sweet tooth!



Leisa said...

How very talented...and boy, that's a lot of sugar!!

Duane and Shellee said...

The girls one is my favorite ;) Seriously, I'm so glad to see you blogging again! You did a great job on all of them!
Love ya my friend!