Saturday, February 8, 2014

I Have Learned Whatever State I'm In to Be Content

... And last week that was the state of Massachusetts.  :)  The day before a big snow storm it was bright, sunny, and simply gorgeous.  I took tons of pic while Liz and I were on a walk with the cell phone camera, which means they leave much to be desired.  Nevertheless... here is a smattering from our outing.  I know they are a bit on the small size but when I tried to enlarge them they became grainy.  Trust me, they look better this way.

The next day we had a wicked snow/sleet storm, but the day after that it was more of the same beauty, but deeper snow.  Yeah, I LOVED it!  Liz thought I was crazy.  

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Anonymous said...

Just wondering how you all are doing.... When is school out for the summer there?
Hugs my friend,