Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Scrappy Throw

I made this from leftovers from the couch quilt.  The binding didn't come out very well.  I totally stink at binding, and it was thinner than I usually use, too, which didn't help.  If I had had enough of the fabric I would have made it wider, but I used up every centimeter I could!


In the main part of the quilt I used a double loopy-loop free motion quilting design.

I did a square spiral in the outer border and an orange peel type quilting in the narrow, inner border.

We've had some snow, and have been enjoying it immensely!

Have a blessed evening!


CeLynn said...

Hi,thanks for your comment on my blog. I would have replied to you sooner,but didn't because your comment was in my spam folder :( You show up as a No Reply Blogger.

Love the quilting designs on your quilt!

Lisa said...

Thanks for the comment! Hmmm... I signed in with Blogger for when I commented on yours... wonder why I'm a "no reply" ???? *shrug*