Wednesday, November 9, 2011

15K Goodie Goodie Dance

I'm so excited to have it the 15k milestone yesterday in the NaNoWriMo Challenge.At this rate, so I'm told by the graph on my "Stats" tab on my NaNo account, I will be done by November 26th. Well, it is early in the month yet, and who knows what can happen!

I know of a couple things that are going to intterupt this wonderful flow of literary outpour. One is going through our winter stuff, and getting rid of a bunch of unneeded items (a.k.a. - JUNK) and getting whatever the gremlins need for winter. I think for the most part, we are in good shape, but there are a few odds and ends like a pair of boots for me and I think one other child (wait, "Other"? child???? )and we need to get some waterproof gloves, and maybe a pair of snowpants for one or two of them. Not too bad, all in all! We always check the thrift stores first, and thus the clearing/cleaning/decluttering/throwing out first of our overflowing pile of winter wear in the rec area.

I was thinking back to last year, and I had already had this done by this time of year because we left for a vacation in Maine, and I made sure everyone had winter coats, etc, because well, hey, we were going to Maine in November for crying out loud. You just never know! This year we ended up not going, but had we gone when we usually do, we would have witnessed first hand, up close and personal, that North Easter that went through about a week ago. Pity we missed it! I love New England weather. Call me crazy, but there it is!

It has been gorgeous here this week. In the high 60's, even hitting a low 70 one day. Sunshine! It has felt like spring. But I know our weather can turn on a dime with nine cents left over, so it is time to get organized.

Thus, this morning, I have told myself to get moving (so why am I on here???? ) and get a start downstairs. I'll work for a while, then reward myself with writing time later today.

Of course, the other half to today's distraction, is going to the thrift stores this weekend which cuts into my "free" writing time. Saturdays are my days this month to just write, write, write, without any concept of the time. I couldn't have done this a few years ago. But now, I have older children to help out, and watch Isaac (Just because I'm at the kitchen table, in the middle of everything doesn't mean I know what is going on. When I'm writing, consider me not there at all!) and take care of whatever laundry needs to be folded or dishes to be washed, etc. Saturdays are traditionally our pizza nights, and Benjamin is our resident expert pizza maker, so that is his job. Thus, basically after the morning cleaning, I have "free" writing time. Gimme a cup of tea, and I'm off and running, er, writing.

Hey, it's only one month out of the year! Dale has given up to being a literary widower, and is good naturedly helping a alot. For example, yesterday was busy with school, laundry, and it was SO nice out we went out for a few hours in the afternoon. We play two hand touch football, tag, ball freeze tag, walked, biked, and just enjoyed ourselves. After Dale got home from work he reminded me it was voting night (Yup... I totally forgot! Good thing supper was spaghetti- quick and easy!) and after he touched up the side of the house with paint (Ummm... that is a whole different story which involves the grill and a lot of flames... nevermind about that now..) we went down to vote.

After we got back, Dale, who knew I hadn't written a single syllable yet, said "Go ahead and do some writing, I can handle dinner."

My hero!

I did, though didn't get much writing done before supper was ready. I got all tied up in some research for a very minute point of reference in my story. I don't know why I was so obsessed with it. I could have just winged it and no one would be the wiser, but it bothered me not to understand that one little detail. It isn't like anyone is going to read this tale of mine, and 99% of anyone who did read it wouldn't care probably. But, once I got that one little fixation studied out to my satisfaction, the words flew out of my fingertips and onto the computer screen quickly and I soon had more than my quota for the day.

I know what is happening next so today's quota shouldn't be too hard to fill, if I can find the time. It is shaping up to be another gorgeous day, and I may totally forget to write until after church tonight, as we will be outside again. I can't resist these gorgeous days!

So, I'm off to hoe out, clean up, declutter, throw out, whatever it takes to get a good start downstairs. I hope you enjoyed this little update as I come up from the NaNo Challenge for air.

Have a blessed day everyone!

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Anonymous said...

Hope all is going well for you all.... Would love to Skype with you all again sometime.... Is Esther still 日本語 をべんきょうしますか? �� keep in touch my friend and keep up the good work on your story!