Tuesday, May 24, 2011


No, not our computers. They are running good enough for us, thankfully. However, we knew coming into this season we were going to need a new grill.

Here is our first "grill". We had it for a long time.

This grill was given to us, very used, after we moved. It served us well for a few years until it gave up the ghost last fall.

This is our brand new grill. Isn't it a beauty? Dale picked it up last week and we've already used it several times. It works wonderfully!

So, the question is, why do we still have those other grills kicking around?

Ahhh... such is the life with a pack rat husband. I love him anyway. Besides, he brought me roses yesterday. Yeah, I'm easily bribed. :P


...they call me mommy... said...

LOL! I didn't see the picture of the new one and thought that your old one was your new one (not that that would be BAD or anything ;) ), if that makes one lick of sense. You are the only person I know that says "gave up the ghost", how cool! :P :)

Anonymous said...

Very nice! We need a new grill too! lol