Friday, July 23, 2010

Where Has Summer Gone? A.K.A..... A Wicked Long Post So Get Comfortable

WOW! We have been so busy this summer. Here are some highlights from this summer, so far.....

I've already mentioned in a previous post that our big living room window was replaced, and the house painted, and that we put in a new totally wicked AC unit in the living that has been wonderful this summer.

When you live in a house, if it isn't one thing it is another. We had some suspicious water in the basement, and when we had the gray water and septic tanks pumped, discovered it was way past time to replace them. Oh, goodie. Of course, the pipe from house to the new tank had to be replaced as well. We can't complain, as the old system was 40 plus years old.

I know, I know... everyone was just on the edge of their seat just hoping for pics of a septic system. Glad I could oblige. NOT!

We have been blessed to get some veggies out of the garden. This is a pic of the first of the zucchini:

We haven't put any in the freezer as we have been eating it up as fast as we can pick it. It is so good steamed, raw in salads or on a sandwich, on pizza... the options are endless!

We have done up about 6 of these bowls of green beans:

A couple weeks ago we were able to squeeze in a fantastic visit with some long-lost friends who we reconnected with over the last couple years. We met while we were both out walking trying to induce labor when I was expecting Benjamin. They moved from our area about 11 years ago, and we hadn't seen them since. It was so good to catch up with them. We met at a park on a wicked hot day, then made our way to this public fountain. It shot up about 20 feet in the air then rained down. The area around under it was that matting that a lot of places use in playgrounds so it doesn't get slippery when wet, and kids won't crack their heads on it when they wrestle around (notice I'm not mentioning any names such as Kyle,Kody, Benjamin, or Steve).

Earlier this summer Isaac was introduced to the pool. He seems to like it okay. :)

Ohhhh, yeah, and we got a new toaster!

I know, that is almost exciting as the septic tank.

A few weeks ago the older kids came running in during nap time and said that they had found a kitten by the neighbor's pond. Apparently someone had thrown it in the pond to drown it, but it got out, and was shivering and hungry and tired. They begged us to keep it.

Don't worry, we said "no." One of the other neighbors ended up adopting it.

I have been working on the sewing pile. Lots has gotten done!

Jeursha's swim dress:

The boys' swim pants (Not pictured... Benjamin.. somehow I haven't cornered him yet!)

I had fun on Ebay checking out swimsuit material and ended up to experiment a bit, so here are two swim dresses for me:

If they appear to be a little short and boxy, that is because... well, I am a little short and boxy. :P

A T-shirt dress for Jerusha (which came out too long! Easily fixed...)

Here is a detail pic of the fun stitching around the neck line I did with the machine:

I got the following tablecloth below a dog's age ago, and finally got around to hemming it for use:

A close up of the fancy stitching for the hem:

And FINALLY the valance for the boys' room:

There was quite a bit of fabric leftover. The reason why I didn't make it as long as the window is tall is because my children have a nasty habit of catching/pulling/somehow-yanking on the curtains and bending/breaking/turning-into-a-pretzel the curtain rods. I have long since decided to have shades and valance for simplicity's sake.

But I digress...

The leftover fabric (an Indian motif) is screaming out to be made into a wall hanging with Seminole piecing in the border. I dug through my stash and found some that will work, so this coming week, that is what I will be working on. I know, I still have quilts to finish ( and start!) but they will have to wait. When inspiration strikes, you just have to go with it.

Looking ahead....

Monday the 26th, we are blessed to have the Heritage Singers from Maranatha Baptist College in Wisconsin doing a little concert at our church. This weekend will be spent in prepping for that... I will have 8 extra people to bed and feed for the day! Where I am going to put everyone, I'm still not sure, but have several options. The menu has yet to be planned, but that is easy. Something good, and LOTS of it! LOL.

We are looking forward to some family visiting on the 3rd of August for the week. So excited to see this particular branch as we haven't seen them in a LONG time! There are a few younger nieces and nephews involved in this, so it will be fun to have the cousins get reacquainted with one another.

The following week we may (or may not) be attending a VBS at a like minded church that we have never been to before. The problem is that I was thinking about starting school that week and not sure we can do both. Mama may not have enough energy for that! The VBS time is 10 to 12pm, so it would mean the entire morning is used up until after lunch and nap time. Usually we don't start out with much... maybe just math and english to get the synapsis refired and ready to go. Then each week we add in a little more. So, we *could" do it... the ones old enough to work on schoolwork would be doing it during nap time. The question is, how much do we really want to pack into one day? We will still have the garden to deal with, and hopefully some nice summer weather to enjoy.

If we don't start school on the 9th, we definitely will by the 16th. I have some major organizing and rotating of school supplies to do.

In the not too far distant future it will be time to tackle my Fall/Winter sewing pile. But that is another post!

The point of all of that is that summer has gone by so swiftly, and summer break is almost over for us. Where does the time go?


Winona said...

Wow! You have been busy. Great pictures. Winona

Regina G. said...

Lisa, I always love your blog posts. Your wisdom is always uplifting.

Anonymous said...

Wow Lisa! what a fun, incredibly busy summer you have had! We are just getting into the midst of summer here. we just finished up the VBS here, and then we have the summer festival and another festival that we pass out tracts with. Everyone here is doing well. We are enjoying the cooler than expected weather. I am sure August will see hot days yet.


...they call me mommy... said...

WOW!! Great job, Lisa! Love reading your happenin's! :) ANd WAAAAAAAAAAAAA, I'm not ready for school to start...ack, choke, gag...must get organized! :)